Robo_Po /// Robo_Op

The Lab is once more open, and the first order of business is (obviously) to host our all-singing, all-versifying, maybe-some-dancing embodied AI performer, Cleo Mesmer.

This promises to be practice-led research at its very best: collaborative, interdisciplinary, exploratory, emergent, placing cutting-edge tech into a critical and reflexive context, exploring both the power relations from which technological innovation emerges, and the alternative possibilities it harbours.

For more about the project and the events, visit Evelyn Ficarra’s site.

We are also calling for two kinds of collaboration:

  • Poems: Submit poems (50 words or less) for performance as part of Robo_Po. More details here.
  • Voice: Submit fragments of sound to help us build a new voice for Cleo, perhaps one which seeks to acknowledge rather than conceal otherness, constructedness, and more-than-human entanglements. More details here.



Released earlier this month, Different Geographies by Collectress:

Different Geographies is a record named in response to the realities of close collaboration at a distance. The phrase, the idea and the method grew out of the fact that we have been living quite different lives, in often far flung spaces for the last few years. Like the slowly evolving layers of the landscape speak to a geologist, the tracks on the album are a record of the ways that our individual lives and experiences have inspired, interrupted or influenced our collective music making over the last 5 years.

Collectress are Alice Eldridge, Alice Eldridge, Rebecca Waterworth, Caroline Weeks, and Quinta. Also feat. Andy Waterworth and Pepo the dog.